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Très intéressant, les tâches demandées par sa mère sont les devoirs de la femme envers son mari qu'elle a ignoré dans l'ignorance et la poudre n'a pas d'effet selon moi
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A patient dog eats the fatest bone as said by the adage women needs to evercise endurance in every situation they found themselves
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And that was only the problem needed to be solved to stabilize there marriage hard she do that at first she would not bother to whip him out.
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The mother knew that the girl was the wrong one in the relationship and that is why she took time to make the girl correct her mistakes for the relationship to flourish. Luckily she listened to her mother and that is why she came back to inform her that she now likes the man and she can't kill him as opposed to the earlier statement.
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Good method, that lady lacked consolation but she had listening skills
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POISON THAT KILLS MEN Once upon a time a beautiful girl got tired of her marriage life and wanted t

One morning she ran to her mother and said to her "Mother, I am tired of my husband I can no longer support his nonsense. I want to kill him but I am afraid the Law of the land will hold me responsible, can you please help me, Mother?"

The mother answered:

- Yes my daughter I can help you, but, there is a little task attached.

The daughter asked "What task? I am willing and ready to assume any task attached to get him out"

OK, said the mother,

1..You will have to make peace with him so that no one will suspect you when he is dead.

2.. You will have to beautify yourself to look young and attractive to him

3.. You have to take good care of him and be very nice and appreciative of him

4.. You have to be patient, loving and less jealous, have more listening ears, be more respectful and obedient

5. Spend your money for him and don’t get angry even when he doesn't give you money for whatever

6. Don’t raise your voice against but encourage Peace and love so that you will never be suspected when he must have died.

Can you do all of that?
Asked the mother.
Yes, I can. She replied
OK, said the mother.

Take this powder and pour a bit into his everyday meal, it will slowly kill him.

After 30 days the lady came back to her mother and said.

Mother, I have no intention of killing my husband again

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You are misusing this platform please. If you don't have something important to present here, better leave it as it is. Otherwise, you will be penelised. Thank you!.
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