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Its just a matter of following the instructions given and then following the draws as well. Dont you see there those that are winning how do you think they make it. Its more of a mind game.
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Lottefree is extremely tricky I have equally lost my own free yem as well I suspect that the lottefree may not be real
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My friend me I tried to play it I think in early 2022 but my free YEM was chiiiiiii so since then I gave up on it,
added by AHIMBISIBWE EMMANUEL 52 days ago 3    0

Lotta Free is not trick but you didn't follow the instructions, you only go for single predictions which is free ,if you want to try more you use your yem to do it, so be careful and you do it for your own risk.
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Hi yem members why is lottefree very tricky?

I have tried it more than one week but also my freeyem is gone. What should I do? Please yem members help me and tell me how you do it. Please.

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Lotte Free is not tricky You have to read the rules and regulations first in order to play and win some free yem.
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