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As the saying states that East or west home is the best

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Firstly Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Why can't one Ugandan believe in his or her country.
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That's what we cal patriotism but some one is calling him self a patriot and after goes to Europe and expose his country man and the nation at large is really disave to take our country to the next step?
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Every tribe needs to believe in his or her motherhood because mother is everything on earth
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Yes thats true if we rise up and support each and everything our country comes up with it will grow faster only that even if we try supporting it still does sub standard stuff. But we shall keep the barner raising. For God and my country
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May each and every Ugandan believe in his or her motherland.

Some one to believe in his or her motherland country mean to support in each and everything it decides weather any kind of sports neither an election or a debate.

How do you vote?

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