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And we can wait until you finish your system and you open it in time instead of exposure everything and people get exited for nothing .
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We have to be patient because it's a beginning. We can just make it please be patient.
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Yem foundation have never made an empty promises whatever they said they will do they will later achieve it
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On the general picture as a whole, yem holders have been very patient all the way from the founding members its (12) years anniversary, to the current yem holders since 2017 is (7) years running and we are still quietly silent, patient & polite. I hope the foundations leadership can take that into consideration. We have waited long enough.
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Even if you tale us that it will be in twenty to thirty Year we can wait instead of telling us tomorrow and you don't full fill yem can be used by our grandchildren we don't care because we are doing this for coming generation.
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Please yem members, yem holders didn't make empty promises we have be patient.

Yem members, we have to be patient because it's just a beginning.
Yem founders didn't didn't find or create it to weast your time but to make our country develop so be patient.

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Des années de promesses et aucun résultat. Je suis très déçu et ne fais plus rien jusqu'à ce qu'il y ait du positif
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There was no empty promises butt our perceptions and what we desire and interest is what we always want to hear!!!
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