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Yes unexpectedly will be observed because every so called super estate nation is out by now we have the so called underdog.
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For sure it's deadly coz Senegal and Egypt are burning.
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Senegal and Egypt have crashed out of African cup of nation 2024 Nigeria is expected to win the trophy

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This AFCON tournament this time has many new underated teams that are going to be surprises to beat the big traditional dorminant teams like Cameroon, Ghana & Egypt.
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As you have said every country has ability to take the cup so long as it participated in final if you look at this games you will realize that the so called underdog are now the champions and the spiral have dropped out.

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How deadly is this AFCON in the of 2024.

This AFCON is no as hot as fire because each and every country has put more effort and power.
But on my side l think that if not Senegal, Egypt will win the AFCON in the year 2024.

How do you vote?

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Why is AFCON deadly. i imagine that AFCON is not deadly but the way people prepare them selves to benefit from it is what must be addressed otherwise its a geat a opportunity to invest amd tap into its benefits.
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