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But according to me politics is everyday life how can you separate politics from everything in your life.
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In politics, families they do not contain in. Meaning that you have to fight your battle by yourself.
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Politics is a dirty game meanwhile I will not advised people to permit their children to go into politics as it is a dirty game
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True to that school of thought. Do not encourage students to actively participate in politics because its considered a dirty game.
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When you decide to join politics outomaticly know you go with everything including your family, for president you're family considered as the first family like wise as you slow down also your family will be considered,so you can't separate politics from family.
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Politics is not good at all if you have your financial freedom
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I just request all yem members to not put any of our children or families in politics

I know each one of the yem members know the pain parents face while raising his or her child .
One might decide to use someone's child as an advantage but after he or she will also use your child as an advantage.
Never use other people's families as advantages.

How do you vote?

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Big no,olwe nsonga buli wamu waliwo politics SSI mu Maka mwetuva SSI mu massomero, SSI bus ,taxi,, naye buli wamu politics enjawulo omuzanye otya
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why do you need politics when you have money. politics is for poor people using propaganda to make money.
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