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Yes it's true but telling people about criptal/ digital currency everyone has his own idea about it some are calling it scum others those things and some can easily understand it
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A time is coming where even getting a bottle of water requires you to have a pernum account.
I live in a world where Yem is acceptable for daily purchases..
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This write up is extremely educative I commend the writer of this educative and inspirational message
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Let's be connected to the reality of the day and not live on dreams and hopes.
All YEM holders want this day to come as soon as possible.
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Synchronize your emotions with those of those around you, and mountains move.

The universe does not judge and only “hears/reads” emotions and not facts. The more often these emotions are repeated as currently real, the more they transform into visible and measurable results in your environment.

This is not mumbo jumbo, this is how life works! If you can't/don't want to believe me, then google videos on the subject of "manifestation" and the "law of attraction". But above all: It's not about the author, but about the overarching goal, or the current reality on an emotional level.

So conquer your ego and elevate your spirit! Everything is possible! There are no borders! Note: Even "But...", If...", excessive egoistic tendencies, such as resentment and/or self-aggrandizement, manifest themselves. So ask yourself, what do you really want when you are all alone with the universe?

Here is an offer for a collective affirmation of all YEM owners and potential investors:

+ I live in a world where every store and service provider accepts YEM as payment.
+ I live in a world where all banks provide YEM wallets for daily transactions.
+ I live in a world where government authorities worldwide accept YEM to regulate taxes.
+ I live in a world where paying with YEM is normal and natural.
+ I use my YEM Card every day in the same way that it was once normal to use a Visa and Master card to pay.

Repeat this 10 times each morning, lunch and evening!
Focus on your emotions and not on the facts. Pay conscious attention to the changes you notice after a few days and be happy about your personal development! Every day is a new opportunity for health, prosperity and happiness in life and you alone decide.

How do you vote?

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Not sure but it could be correct. however, it should not be an exagulation of the activity to get better results.
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