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Yem surporters club is the best because it prints other yem bt for yem buy back it takes yem completely.
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Every yem holder should think of deposit he's/her yem in pos because it's only the safe place and where you can get profits promptly.
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Of a truth POS supporters is greater than buy back because everyone wants a moving train where it is happening
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POS Is a sure way of investment return on yem that is staked. However it was also worthwhile to tryout the buyback program although it wasn't supprted by the then financial process among them was the soveregn order of bank Bane Merenti. Things didn't add up to completion of the system back then.
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And I would like to in college all yem holders to keep your yem in pos instead of investing it in other things which can lead to lose it in other items but it's safer in pos.
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POS yem supporters club is better than BUY BACK

past year we all know on january 2023 yem buy back program started and they said next month next month now 1 year allready complet so i decided to withdraw my yem from buy back and i keep on for staking POS because there i get a compound intrest and i like to keep it for 365 days

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Depends. each projects has its own purpose which gives it strength and weakness alternatively not comparable in the long run.
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