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It's the best decision ever and everyone must adopt it. It sets you free and enjoy your life... It's indeed interesting
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Yes but we expect some good money from yem so we expect to pay our debt at that amount if it comes.
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This is a good idea if all the yem holders will clear up his or debt so that everyone of us will be indebted.
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But crealling debt at least needs some money, that is to say one has to get expect money from yem in order to crean up all debt.
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Because it's more than by moslems that a moslem doesn't be buried with any dept.
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It's better for a yem member to clear up his or her dept.

Clearing depts mean that one has to pay in case you have borrowed money from another person or paying as job being need to be done. Paying depts helps you to be free that in an incident a yem member has dead, the family will not get a big job of paying the depts.

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