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Yes,wewawo yadde nga kija kutwala ebanaga ddeneko okutuka mu byalo eyo wansi naye nga yem ye future
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It Will take time especially in local villages to understand it's functionality/usability but it's the future currency.
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True YEM will most likely go beyond the roof in value. Its a stage commonly referred to as the bull run. It will be unimergiable to state the value by the close of the year.
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The scarcity of yem is only way to bust it's price so the more yem in the market the lower the price.
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And the only business you can do now is staking yem and you work with out the sweating yet it's only business with high yield.
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Yem will increase exponentially in the near future

Rainbow is and will be yieldìng tremendous exponentially the future and yes its true and the evidence is obvious its at asteady increase for sure. Those who havent started to stake yem please do it in time because things are real. To all yem member the next billionears bravo bravo.

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