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Politics is combining of almost every thing culture, religion,every day life e t.c so you can't separate politics from your life that's why you find yourself in politics.
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Involvement in politics is some time inevitable for the reason what ever you do is political may it be countries economy or decision in every thing .
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The Inevitable Reasons Why One Is Fully Concerned About The Politics Of One's Country.

I have heard some people say "I am not concerned about politics". Well, one has a right not participate in the politics of one's country. That's a human right and one must not be compelled to take part.
However aside from that, one has no choice or right to exclude from the demands of a government established via politics and must abide by the laws of the constitution of that government and constitutional amendments.

These are the inevitable reasons why you are 100% concerned about the politics of your country especially a democratic one.

• When the government market boards set item prices either high or low, all citizens of that country must go by that without excuse.

• The national tax body that determines the taxes of a country sets the quantum of taxes charged on different items, imports and exports and every citizen that participates in trade must pay the amount of taxes decided by the tax body and this cuts across all citizens.

• When the government is corrupt and fails to fulfil it's responsibilities, all people suffer from poor health facilities for instance lack of medicine in government health facilities, poor schools and poor roads and everyone faces these challenges but to the largest extent the poor.

• When the government establishes a national ultimatum like denial of access to government medical treatment to citizens who have no national IDs, it means everyone is concerned.

• The government has a right to lockdown the whole country in case of any outbreak of any pandemic in the country or in the neighboring ones and everyone must be under this lockdown therefore everyone is affected.

• In case of any pandemic outbreak, like of the respiratory system, the government may issue an ultimatum to wear face musks to every citizen.

With several other reasons not explained, the reasons above clearly show that everyone is concerned about the politics of their country and it's their responsibility to elect a government that will lead them.

How do you vote?

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