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I will start up a business of creating a SIM CARD for Data only without using the same SIM CARD for making call's . My purpose was that it will avoid internet disconnection while browsing due to call's and message's , the SIM is manly for DATA and can be inserted in phone or laptop for browsing. Even tablet. Imagine call's entering your phone while on zoom meeting or on an important webinar and call's became distraction. Hope to bring this my ideas one day.
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According to my understanding, YEM is supposed to be used digitally. But right now we are moving that direction all over the world and it is almost time that things are coming to fruition. The last webinar's recap is not posted I wonder why?
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The avenues to make more money are endless. You can stake money, create debt & invest in physical assets, lease to invest, do fixed deposit etc.
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Not everyone will prosper in this opportunity, some are thinking of doing great business but most of us thinking of involving in racists life like visiting beach buying a new razor use car and so on so don't think everyone will be well.
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To do a big project it depends on what you have in hand you can't program on what you don't have even you can change accordingly.
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If you get a billion of money , what projects can u do in order to make your billion keep growing? I need as many projects as possible . To you yem holders start thinking big to get started !!!!!!!

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