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But in my understanding token means hording money in that form if it is so why do I keep my money in token from instead of keeping liquide money which can be easier to convert into everything else?
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There should be an option to buy UOST Tokens by using YEM also and not only with Fiat currency! this is why many couldn't buy UOST.
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New token "uost" from uniport company

Yem holders this is our chance to buy this token and it wil be of great importance in near future. Chance has come utilize it . Many people are waiting to see the first people who will get the first phase and second phase wil come in after realising the truth.

How do you vote?

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Such tokens should not be introduced if it is not for taking up our YEM we have held for so long. For them to take it on a silver platter for immature projects is very absurd. The P2B Exchange was not ready for trading UOST for USDT. It looks like a scam. So bad!!!
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