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IYC-It will be better to use our home currencies instead of buying USDD . Let it be direct from every country's currency to YEM
added by Anonymous 38 days ago 4    0

Yes, the USDD should be cancelled according to my point of view without replacement because we already the YEM sphere euro and dollar, the existence of USDD does not have its importance.
added by 1000083374 40 days ago 3    0

The purchase of YEM needs to be streamlined and user friendly to the investors. If the investor needs to jump through hurdles to invest, you will lose that business.
added by Anonymous 43 days ago 4    0

I think the foundation should rereview about this
And giving the globalization the chance to decide which currency is preferred in every country.
added by 1000003282 51 days ago 4    0

It should be removed since we want to promote our yem.why make it abridge as if we are promoting it,so letgo. It should be from yem to our own country currencies
added by Anonymous 52 days ago 4    0

We don't need USDD any more because because we no longer want middle man because USDD here will be acting like a middle man so let's ignore USDD and use our currencies

added by Anonymous 52 days ago 5    0

Any legal tender should be allowed to purchase YEM. Limiting it to USDD is to make the dollar dominant and superior. Every currency should be accepted to purchase YEM if we are also saying that YEM is Your Every Day money for people all over the world. Then we all should be given a chance to access it without any encumbrance.
added by 1001030755 53 days ago 6    0

Thank u USD Paper money has been eliminated completely and we shall be using USDD US DIGITAL DOLLAR to show us how digital digits are increasing internationally.
added by 1001098163 53 days ago 3    0

We need to use our own currencies because ussd Is in the phasing out status so if possible we use our own currencies
added by GODFREY KAYIMA 53 days ago 6    0

USDD is acting as a currency, why do we have to keep it when the real currency have started fully functioning? Then it has to be replaced.
added by Anonymous 54 days ago 4    0

IYC: Should USDD be canceled without replacement?

Purchasing USDD is currently required to purchase YEM on DEC. This represents an unnecessary hurdle for potential investors. In order to accelerate liquidity, the purchase of YEM must be made as smooth as possible.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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