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IYC- That is the right way to go, YF should promote YEM to empower us in selling it to other people.
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An official blog of YF will be a plus to update the Yemholders of official information which will be a link from the YF and will be credible. This will also help those who do not have credible informations about YEM.
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This is a must and there's no ifs and buts about it.
added by Anonymous 40 days ago 4    0

Yes because the world needs to know the whole truth about YEM and YEM foundation as well and we believe if it opens the official blog site the whole world will automatically understand what YEM is
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Yes it gives yem foundation to know the right information needed to be released to it's members
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Communication among people in any community, is like fuel to a car; we can not move without official communication from leaders.
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I agree with this initiative. The YEM Foundation should have a blog on YEM information. Posts published and available on the YEM FOUNDATION website can be on a blog. The blog should also give information about the cryptocurrency world and government initiatives.
added by 1000000897 53 days ago 7    0

I am in agreement with the suggestion because our countries are green about what is going on in the foundation.
added by GODFREY KAYIMA 53 days ago 6    0

The information most spread by action if yem foundation does everything special the public will come to notice that there is something going on there.
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IYC: The YEM Foundation runs an official blog!

In order to promote YEM's reputation, controlled and regular communication with the public (public relations is of central importance. For this purpose, consistently recognizable articles must be distributed on social media platforms.

Those articles are based on a blog with the official branding of the YEM Foundation. Articles can be published by authorized authors and by the YF itself and rated, commented on and distributed by the community with just a few clicks. This ensures that only those links/articles that come from this blog are official. This not only ensures better information, but also prevents fake news. In addition, the image of a lively community emerges.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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