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Yes, yes, yes, regular reporting is very important to keep everybody informed.
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Yes, completely agree with this statement because with a regular update, it gives more vividness to our YEM project even it is not to go deeply in the updates. It will also be helpful if the YF can bring in concret realisation the different updates in order to be credible in from of the YEM Holders and the whole world.
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This has been an ongoing challenge. The elected body has been put in place by the YEM holders and is responsible to provide updates on its projects to the same people who elected them. The elected body should never have more power than the people who elected the individuals in the YEM Foundation. The YEM holders keep those checks and balances and right now the YEM Foundation is falling short for as long as communication to the YEM holders is suffering and it's almost nonexistant. The Power of We demands immediate change to the way of public announcements and communicate and to institute regular updates in frequency that YEM holders decide. This needs to be respected by the elected officials or we will demand until election.
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Actually for me I don't know what's wrong with this project because we don't know what's happening or going on in our project. How could we the YEM holders be not knowing anything going on in the project we invested in. I actually gave up on YEM because they say actions speak louder than words but YEM foundation has done more of talking than actions we need to start using our YEM .
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Yes because we always need to know updates concerning YEM and YEM foundation should always full fill the announcements it provides to it's members in order to promote our beautiful YEM
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Updating us is not the serious issue, what matters is they should promote our currency by full filling what they always promise
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Emphatically yes! Otherwise nobody knows what is going on. Clarity and transparency should be maintained always!
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Yes, because you have the feeling that nothing is happening. What's more, the community that needs to be nurtured like good friends is dwindling.
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Its a shame the still did not deliver this basic standard to create transparency and trust! It seems like the fear to fail instead of have the motivation to improve themselves. Absolutely unreasonable and not acceptable for a world leader in finances!
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IYC: Should the YEM Foundation regularly report on its planned goals and results?

In order to create a transparent and therefore trustworthy image of the YEM Foundation, it is imperative that the goals and planned measures of the YEM Foundation are published at regular intervals. The report on the results of the announced goals is just as important. Publications can be made in quarters. These reports form the information and evaluation basis for the YEM Foundation's electorate.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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Some time inevitable things happen to the planned program and ruin it, so sometimes it not good to introduce unfinished projects because they might call you a liar.
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