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I fell that this idea is superb and work well with a payment limit to begin with.
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If it's only the way to success and to coll down hart who think yem will never function nomary, we have to find any possible way to encourage yem holder .
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YEM should be made available not only for the Revolut card, but also on Crypto Exchanges, because that way no one needs it. Liquidity is provided by trading on the stock exchange, of course the YEM must be acceptable to the regulators. We have been waiting for it to be liquid since 2017.
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"I actually don't know what happened at some stage about three (3) years ago. [...]
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The topic has nothing to do with YEM directly. It concerns the Pernum Multi Wallet and was managed by a 3rd provider who unfortunately had fraudulent intentions. Nobody can predict something like that. Those responsible have distanced themselves from this person and have taken back control of this wallet. Please read Webianrrecaps and the message below the wallet.

We are a private initiative of YEM owners, not the company or the YEM Foundation. Support us with constructive suggestions for the future and discuss old topics in your own space. Thank you!
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I actually don't know what happened at some stage about three (3) years ago. Yem holders were requested to purchase physical debit cards & IBANs and actually members paid up. Somehow the process stalled todate with no further update todate. This was a move in the direction you're higlighting here now. We pray its finally effected and IBAN cards are issued out to members that paid for them.
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IYC: YEM integrated into Revolut card

My proposal is for YEM to be integrated into the Revolut card in the Crypto section where it can be purchased, or traded and in a second phase also be used as a form of payment.

How do you vote?

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YEM is not crypto neither in that class. Why would this be done?
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