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Provision should be made where we can make payments with fiat currency using pernumpay
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From the beginning I thought that's how pernumpay will be working.
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This is the way to go! The best thing to do, for using YEM as our daily form of payment.
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It's important to integrate pernum pay system to other means of payment would wide to make payment easier to everyone buying and selling with or without pernum.
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Yes, PernumPay should be further developed. But in my opinion, PernumPay should be released (in compliance with regulations, laws, anti-money laundering guidelines, KYC, etc.) for everyone and not only available to business members. YEM = YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY only becomes my Everyday Money when I can easily use it like a bank transfer, a Paypal payment or a cash handover. I'll give an example: I go to the cinema with a friend and pay for the tickets, he gives me the money in cash. All done. Pernumpay can work just as easily. Log in, enter recipient Pernum, insert amount and confirm using OneTimePin. How this has to be done today via an OTC order in DigitalExchangeCenter is far too complicated and cumbersome. That's why I'm in favor of Pernumpay being accessible to every member so that they can use YEM as a daily payment method.
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IYC: Should PernumPay’s interfaces be optimized?

For use in popular shop apps, it is necessary that a professional interface is available that takes inventory, partial payments, etc. into account. The easier it is to integrate and use this API, the faster retailers and service providers will join the YEM marketplace.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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No that's time wasting and diverting us from thinking of liquidity so for me isay no need of changing
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