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Yes this would make more user friendly and accommodative the transfer of Yem for all involved resulting in its quicker mass adoption which is what's in the interest of every yem holder.

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This is a good idea. By the way,why is Pernum pay not accessed by all ? Think about it.
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Awesome, P2P is the best way to give credibility to our beloved Yem .
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P2p net work will be so awesome if it's introduced for us in matters of pernum pay and at this, we shall see exactly the exposure of our security system when been put on trial coz in p2p some people are not trust worthy so this is where to prove the unicorn net work security system if it can really work out to rescue the yem holders from fraud
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This will allow for peer to peer payments and it is a great way to put use to usability. This is among the best ideas ever for YEM.
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But I think instead of having two pernum it's better to upgrade the pernum to pernum pay instead of another processes of verifying another One
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Yes, PernumPay should be further developed. But in my opinion, PernumPay should be released (in compliance with regulations, laws, anti-money laundering guidelines, KYC, etc.) for everyone and not only available to business members. YEM = YOUR EVERYDAY MONEY only becomes my Everyday Money when I can easily use it like a bank transfer, a Paypal payment or a cash handover. I'll give an example: I go to the cinema with a friend and pay for the tickets, he gives me the money in cash. All done. Pernumpay can work just as easily. Log in, enter recipient Pernum, insert amount and confirm using OneTimePin. How this has to be done today via an OTC order in DigitalExchangeCenter is far too complicated and cumbersome. That's why I'm in favor of Pernumpay being accessible to every member so that they can use YEM as a daily payment method.
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IYC: Should PernumPay also be available for P2P?

A simple way to send money for private purposes makes it easier to get started in the YEM world.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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