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Yes to prevent fake news. But will they have some thing for us every week?
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This will ensure consistent flow of information and it will help YEM Foundation to share directly with the public about the project
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Action specks louder than words, if yem foundation takes one step it will speak what words can't do information will spread over and that can do yem holder and to the public.
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Monthly should suffice!
Weekly or bi-weekly may not be feasible for those involved. I feel monthly should be fine!
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Not weekly, but biweekly, or at least once a month.
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This is should help bridge the communication gap because alot of information is concealed in this project.
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IYC: Should the YEM Foundation hold weekly online events?

In order to ensure regular training and further education on the topic of YEM, the YEM Foundation organizes short and precise online events. These can be presentations and special trainings. A social media training with a focus on WUB and the blog increases awareness of a controlled public appearance of the entire YEM community and prevents fake news.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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There's no need for this , it only creates spaces for empty promises and theories we need YEM to start working nothing else.
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There should be lessons, but they should be free, we earn YEM.
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