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I think that's part of their work. But why are they still quiet?
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Also the process of appointing regional assistants to help the national directors should be implemented at the earliest. The assistants can gather information about the rules and regulations, tax structures etc. of their particular nation.

Some countries are very strict on having national license or registration for any company to do business.

This way a team of people will bring more activities and functionalities and help reduce the workload of one single individual. This will reduce unnecessary delays and help our business to function legally at a much faster rate.
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Ya true but if they keep updating the members they will tell false information which will demoralise people about the foundation plans
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Yes it's true but updating them on what? Because the organization has the board which is responsible to give information and update to chairperson and they give that information to the public..
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IYC - National Directors shall update their national members at least once per month!

We have so many National Directors, but I never heard of any activity. I would like to learn what the National Directors achieved in their country for YEM, so that we can learn from it and duplicate. Thank you!

How do you vote?

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Updating members is good but not every month... It should be either annually or every 6 months ... the board needs to have a stable administration, if they keep changing members there is no solid structure and no firm basis.
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There is no need for them if at YEM foundation can provide us with what's going on and their plans. And more so we're tired of talking we need actions we want our YEM to start working period. This stage YEM foundation would be telling us how many government have approved YEM to work in their jurisdictions but not anything else. Because we need authorities now nothing else
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As often as it is necessary. They should be more visible on ground. If they don't have time for members then they are irrelevant and MUST be replaced. ASAP. We need vigilant leaders. Our National Director advertised himself so much and that was the first and last time we ever heard them. SAD! Not a good job!
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