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Yes because there are some people who put all their efforts for us to stay strong
So my request is for support for YEM economy
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It is great that the YEM economy integrates and partner with the public transportation companies of all countries. This will fuel the engine and spin the YEM economy like VISA and Mastercard.
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Yes because they are people who have put their life and the little they have to make us move and have more Hope, so support is needed
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What is necessary now is to encourage more business owner and company to adopt yem as their media exchange of services and goods .so that we can get enough liquidation.
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IYC: Should services that promote the YEM economy receive more support?

Liquidity arises from the diverse possible uses of a currency. In order to enable as many business owners as possible to get started and take their first steps in the YEM Economy, targeted support and the development of trained consultants is necessary. One project that invests in this activity is the SHOPPING COMPASS, which also serves as a central search engine for offers with YEM Payment at all levels.

Furthermore, the SHOPPING COMPASS offers a professional marketing service with the help of which YEM in general, as well as the development of professional consultants for the YEM Economy, can be advertised by anyone.

In addition, with the help of this project, business contacts who are interested in participating in an independent YEM marketplace can be recorded and specifically managed by each user. Such a collective collection of contacts and their order serves the above-mentioned consultants as a basis for their work.

Such projects serve the YEM Economy as a goal-oriented, organized center of action and must be brought into focus by the YEM community and all official representatives. This includes regular presentations and special training to ensure the broadest possible use and, as a result, countless possible applications for YEM.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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