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We need Liquidity of YEM and YEM needs to be part of CoinMarketCap to prove its authenticity and credibility. We need to convince people around the world to join our community and make it bigger, but for us to do this, we need to be sure that whoever we introduce will be convinced as well about liquidity and real value of YEM, otherwise no one will join us and we keep hoping ad aeternum for a change that will never come .... Let's bring reality closer - we have believed in the vision of YEM from the beginning, we need to be assured that all our dreams have not been in vain..... TO THE FUTURE OF YEM - SPREAD THE WORD!
added by Anonymous 29 days ago 2    0

We can only enter the market with the liquidity of YEM, otherwise its value is zero.
added by 1000818010 43 days ago 6    0

It’s taken too long for YEM Foundation to prove that liquidity with YEM is going to be a reality. Small steps e.g. small buybacks, should be made otherwise many investors have almost lost hope..
added by Anonymous 44 days ago 7    0

Promising lies is very harmful to us
added by Anonymous 46 days ago 7    0

You are right! the business of promises delivered through the webinars that rise our hopes even beyond 100% and then later end in vain is very very destructive to the YEM economy. Better to keep quiet, leave things boil and then later tell us the truth when things are completely ready otherwise our YEM business and networking is almost heading to impossible by the empty promises we get and in turn we also deliver such to our prospects with a lot excitement and joy that turn into misery in the end.
added by Anonymous 51 days ago 10    0

For the last seven years we have been moving on theories and stories but we need to use our YEM not stories . We need authorities now not stories we want our YEM to start working now
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Much time. Why all this time? Have got news for us?
added by Anonymous 51 days ago 8    0

It is great if the YEM that is sitting in the wallet is separated into two section.
1) YEM for payment eg 90%
2) YEM for liquidity eg 10%
added by Anonymous 51 days ago 12    0

If YEM is converted to other currencies, many people from different countries will look it hence being known to many.This will enable YEM holders to make more profits in their businesses.
added by Anonymous 52 days ago 13    0

It will boost yem allover the world, people will know that yem is money and even companies will start looking for yem
added by Anonymous 52 days ago 11    0

This should be done as soon as yesterday! You don't want scenarios like YEM Holders using their YEM as collateral for useless fiat currencies only to put their valuable asset on the line. Liquidity is not simply a question of if but when and how for YEM.
added by 1001030755 53 days ago 10    0

Delaying in action is more ruining than anonemious
added by Anonymous 53 days ago 13    0

The goals for YEM Foundation should be YEM's liquidation boosts and with the plans of the highest speed in 2024. And the future for the unicorn network at a global scale.
added by Anonymous 54 days ago 13    0

Only God who made man knows his faction and duties, like wise yem foundation knows the function of yem how and when, we the holder we just follow the track.
added by Anonymous 54 days ago 8    3

IYC - YEM Foundation and YEM liquidity.

The utmost goal for YEM Foundation should be YEM's liquidity boost and with the plans of the highest speed in 2024. Long term plans may remain active also. Delays in the actions are more about ruining than helping, when it goes out of patience context. Then it means, that YEM should be easily exchanged to any kind of asset. YEM Foundation should publish a roadmap for this apart from YEM holders private endeavors.


This statement is part of the Initiative EYECONOMY (IYC).
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