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Yes because it will sensitise the government officials and other people about the new currency
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For sure the group of people who planned to organize that summit are clever. Because the western Uganda Area 's citizens are going to benefit much from that summit. I recommend it and i will make sure i join that summit. We are really blessed
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On that date of 26 everyone may it be yem holder or not must attend in order to understand what is exactly going on in digital world and to know where the world is Harding.
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Yes it will be helpful to the in Uganda even the world at large and eager all yem holders to attend in large numbers so that we can attract more attention from the government to start asking what is going on in the digital space
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The western Uganda digital transformation community awareness and sensitization summit in kasese

LUCKY PEOPLE'S ASSOCIATION U LIMITED " is going to present a solution to cyber security and privacy at the summit scheduled on the 26th of March 2024. At Rwenzori international hotel. Do you think it will be helpful to Uganda as a country and Ugandans?

How do you vote?

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