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It's necessary to make seminars for the people to know about the new currency and also those in power to ease the beginning of the currency
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And also me i recommend the task force to teach YEM all over the world to help people in the world to know about digital currency
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This is one of the méthode developped by some of us since years as UN Représentatives at the national level but we need the support of first responsable of UN and YF because at a certain moment when the problem of legacy comes we should be a le to prove our legal status to local and national authorities, that's why sometimes it is difficult to take initiatives.
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I think we YEM holders we have done our part enough it's time for the YEM foundation to put ways for us to start using YEM. Seminars were organised for YEM holders and they sensitized people about YEM no need for more seminars we only need the authorities to accept YEM so now it's time for YEM foundation take us to another level which is the Authorities to accept YEM
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This is one of the best proposals ever I have voted for. I must admit that it makes a whole lot of sense, I don't understand why one could vote NO to a such brilliant proposal.

Anyway, it's up to one to vote for whatever he/she likes.
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I suggest that Admin can consider setting up groups segregated by nationality for the purpose of unifying YEM holders at the wazzub or other social media platforms.
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Of course it's high time yem is put on public awareness by the presenting seminars all over the world
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They bring the world to know that yem is useful and needed
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the involvement of governments from all regions of the world would be very beneficial for the holders of Yem
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well said, just like Uganda is doing through lucky peoples association
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We've to sensitive our people according to yem foundation by organizing seminars world wide in order to know the good project
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Once it is known the more it will gain demand and be spent.
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Yem holders should organize seminars to sensitize people about Yem in all parts of the world, so that even government officials get involved. And should encourage the use of yem even before the yem foundation comes up with all the awaited plans.

How do you vote?

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No need of spraying information all over the world instead action specks louder than words, if yem foundation takes one step information will spread automatically.
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Yem foundation should first come up with some thing promising then the seminars will be organized according to what the Yem foundation has shown up.
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