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Yes because many countries have accepted crypto as the day to day money
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But it's the crypto industry which has given USDD space to maneuver since it has failed to come up with solutions to it existing.
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Yes the dollar has been dumped by many countries globally. This has caused dollar scarsity.
added by STEPHEN NDAYISHIMYE 51 days ago 2    0

Let our YEM begin to count, YEM leaders please
awake to this challenge.
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Inflation is the most scariest issue nowadays in the hole global world. DC is the best solution now to avoid the poverty.
added by 1000003282 51 days ago 4    0

I believe our digital currency Yem will rule the world later or sooner just watch the space , all other currencies of the world will follow!
added by MARTIN RWIYAMA 53 days ago 12    0

A dollar is driving digital currences crezzy

Usdd is driving creptal currences at high spead which means people without digìtal currences will suffer the consequences of inflation hence crying for besic needs to support their living.

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