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Children belong to fathers because the children are named according to the clan of the fathers
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They name a child after who ? Obviously farther outomaticly imply that the children belong to the farther and in creation it's the man who produces semen to fertilize the egg .
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Children are a gift from God and their parents are a true representation of God on earth. Therefore both parents have a say and responsibilty in raising them up to maturity. Each parent plays a different role but they dont belong to one parent only.
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Thanks for voting.It is true children belong to a father because children are counted on father 's Clan.
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A child belongs to the father that's why at birth, the child's name is obtained from the paternal side

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In African traditional society, children belong to who??

Children belong to a father because the father is the President of the family and the father was given responsibility by God to care for the family. Therefore, children will always belong to a father in any African traditional society not woman.

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