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I totally agree with it because it helps the applicants to search on the position he/she is going to post
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Completely agréé with this idéal because it will help à lot the different candidate applying to do their own research and meet the conditions to participante. The curent way of applying according to my opinion is difficult for many to participante.
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It has been so light to a position which is so powerful to be elected in such a manner with no company to value the CV of the incumbent
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A very good suggestion for finding suitable candidates for the next election.
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"What do you mean by a public viewable page."

A public website that promotes the position in the BID of the YF. This means that all information can be viewed without a member account.

This includes all the information that makes it easy for a potential interested party to decide to apply for an attractive position at the YEM Foundation.

This included, among other things, the complete statutes of the YEM Foundation, as well as all the forms that would have to be filled out for an application. And of course, a potential interested party must also be able to read the exact requirements profile and the upcoming tasks that await them. And all of this has to work without having to log into any member account (accessibility).

Furthermore, this page has a significant web address that can be shared quickly and easily online by all YEM holders.
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What do you mean by a public viewable page.

Always candidates submit their pictures and profile information which is viewed by the voters not only in that specific country voting but by the globe

I imagine this would've enough for voters to have enough information about their candidates to be voted in this particular office.
The others things will remain to be administrative and confidential information for that particular candidates.
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IYC: Should there be a publicly viewable application page for the next BID election?

In order to give suitable candidates for a position on the Board of International Directors (BID) of the YEM Foundation a serious impression, it is necessary to provide this - very small group of people - with information that is as barrier-free as possible, and thus to motivate them to apply for this demanding and responsible position.

The (timely) publication of an official application page, on which the requirements, the application form and contact addresses are transparently visible to potential interested parties, lays the foundation for this.

Such a page could then be promoted continuously worldwide by the YEM community and potential interested parties can prepare appropriately for an election campaign.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
More information on

How do you vote?

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But the YEM Foundation page/Website is accessible to every Unicorn Network Member or YEM holder. And all the details of the Candidates about such elections have always been put there. There is no need for any other page or platform for such.
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Not really necessary because if someone can send through his / her credentials they can speek fully for that applicant. The process has to be smooth and seamless.
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