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BID's should have the right background in finance and crypto currency. I also think at this stage, because there has been little change or improvement BID's terms should be only one year
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Of course during the pas three years, so much harm had Bee done to YEM because many have mislead the new members and had brought a negative image on YEM and all the projects of Unicorn network. If this initiative can correct this state, it will improve the image of YEM around the world.
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IYC: If in doubt, without guidance!

Wrong motives and a lack of information and training do more harm than good during a 3-year term. The installation of officers on the Board of International Directors (BID) of the YEM Foundation must therefore be carried out according to consistent requirements. Authorizing “placeholders” or “straw dummies” in this responsible position must be consistently avoided – even if no suitable candidates can currently be found.

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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