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Yes am waiting for that time because I have been teaching many people about YEM about they thought it's just a joke
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The best way to show your opponents that your project is a good project is to make a reality to a great number so that many see the facts because so many expect to see before they believe.
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The truth always come out last after you have been ridiculed, mocked and laughed at in the beginning throughout the whole development process.
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Of course they have to mock us because they don't know what is behind yem currency, whenever could tell someone about yem he or she says let it first work then we need join you, see how they going to join us as workers and eager yem holders don't pay back with evil employ them and them in time because we them. Thanks
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Its only success that can turn your mockers into your workers

Dear Yem holders, in the societies we are living in, there are very many people who are still mocking us that oir Yem failed us completely. Others are saying that, we entered in already a failed crypto business called Yem coin. But i would like to assure you that one day all those haters will come to us begging for work. And the best revenge is to give them work so that they become your workers. But just forgive them by paying their money in time such that they cater for their families especially kids who didn't know how much their parents mocked you before. Have a blessed days members.

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One day does not work for me anymore. I need access to my money now. It's taking to long to be able to sell yem.
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