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I think that DR token is important because no any currency can work without a converter
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Yes, I conquer with you to the higher extent. That is one way that will make it known by the rest of the public that do not know about it. Furthermore, some of the currency holders (YEM) are indeed badly off in life. They are going through a very tough situation. Yet they have money on their Pernums. If the the DR token is considered and be implemented immediately, such people would be saved!
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I think currency is midar of exchange and you can get anything you want so long as you have it, it's good to have coins but even if you don't have it you can do everything you want.
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To me the DR token once it starts working, we yem holders will start enjoying what we have kept for quite a long time
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It's true the liquidity of YEM can depend on that if it happens
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DR token or other token is a greatest thing to bring liquidity and success in yem world because to believe in a currency, there must be a pass of exchanging that currency into other currencies and authorities so DR is the best just we are waiting action .

How do you vote?

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i want the programme to kick off immediately as was programmed because we need to know that YEM programmes are real and it makes marketing work easy to the public.
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I still have to admit that a bridgecoin like DR would generally be a good addition. Unfortunately, the scenario described above can be seen again and again in other projects - even if they are technically better positioned and communicatively more professionally organized.

I think it's because of the time between the ICO sales and the exchange listing. If this exceeds a certain level, the community becomes very impatient. This reduces the willingness to sell coins below their value. The end result is a downward spiral that can only be stopped by large new investors.

It will be no different with DR, as it is simply an extension of YEM. That's why I'm rather persimistic on the subject. But of course I would be happy to be proven wrong by measurable results as a result of collective foresight and action. Only if everyone is willing to set the selling price higher from the start will the token become interesting for new investors. Nobody buys a coin in a bear market.
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DR will be just another example of selling off your assets. It will only take a few hours after listing on an external exchange, then this token and thus the exchanged YEM will be worth less than 0.001 cents. This in turn serves as an opportunity for the same complainant to complain about YEM again - even if everyone was warned beforehand about the consequences and their own decisions.

It is also a sign that there is still a lot to learn when one imagines that the success of a digital payment method like YEM depends on such an action. As I said, it will do YEM more harm than good. Unfortunately, the UN administration repeatedly gives in to the demands of an ignorant majority who only have the quick satisfaction of their own financial circumstances in mind and not the long-term overall development of the YEM currency.
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