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YEM foundation is a great opportunity for humanity as well
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These are good ideas to allow the forgotten population to be part of the game since the curent financial système does not contribute this inclusivness. Vividly that all these ideas become a reality.
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IYC: Manifesto for YEM Foundation (Part 1)

I think that the YEM Foundation should have a Manifesto consisting of the main goals and principals.

I prepared a draft, which I have to split into 2 parts due to the length. Please do not just vote PRO or NO but leave your comments with additions and corrections.

Our final version could be given to the YEM Foundation, requesting an official poll about the Manifesto. Thank you!

Draft for a YEM Foundation Manifesto
We are the YEM Foundation, the official regulatory authority for the digital currency YEM (Your Everyday Money). Our mission is to provide access to financial services for all people, but especially for the unbanked communities globally. At the same time, YEM shall be an internationally accepted currency for financial transactions of all kinds. We believe that everyone deserves the right to participate in the global economy, regardless of their location, income, or identity. We believe that the current financial system is unfair, inefficient, and unsustainable, and that it needs to be transformed by a more inclusive, transparent, and democratic alternative. We believe that YEM is the solution to these problems, as it is a digital currency that is secure, fast, and low-cost, and that can be used for any purpose, anywhere, anytime. We envision a world where YEM is widely adopted and recognized as a legitimate and valuable form of money, alongside other national and international currencies. We envision a world where YEM empowers people and communities to access and create opportunities, to improve their lives and livelihoods, and to contribute to the common good. We envision a world where YEM supports and funds various humanitarian and environmental projects, such as education, health, poverty alleviation, and climate action.
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