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Yes because it has security that keeps people's money safe
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it is necessary yem to be free and easy to use even though security must stay more active.
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From NO Section:
"Don't forget: Security, Privacy......YEM is the ONLY One."


We are talking about a currency. Safezone is what you talk sbout. And nobody forces you to move your currency out of it. But no gouvernement on this planet would accept YEM as official payment as long as wallet providers, payment processors, blockchain etc is bounded to a single company.

This alone is a huge failure happend when it comes to the public communication about YEM. And this situation alone blocks the work of the YEM Foundtion when it come to make appointments with authorities.

Again: Nobody have to move his/her assets out of the Safezone/Pernum System but other companys must be allowed to develop alternative payment processors and wallets or YEM usage without using Pernum System.

Its nothing else like it works for every serious currency in the world.
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I agree with you in alot that you have stated here. We have been missinformed on a few particular objectives of this project and at times plans through webinars are never fullfilled because of fear of the reactions from authorities outside the project. Hence we are not fully in the know of what is going on at any particular time in this project. We all keep on guessing now and then. I wonder when this will stop.
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Very correct! You can't be forced to join a specific company or business just to own YEM. There must be additional options.
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Yes, YEM dont have to be briged an converted to become tradable but simply get used by every exhange, payment processors and wallet providers.
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IYC: YEM must become independent!

It is always claimed that YEM is not a business model, but an independent currency - but if you log in to your wallet, you will quickly be proven wrong. Nobody can work with YEM without owning a Pernum. And this Pernum is distributed and managed centrally by a single company.

No company, e.g. If you want to develop another exchange or wallet for YEM, you can avoid having to follow the rules of Safezone Ltd. to undergo. As long as this remains the case, no government in the world will have a serious conversation with the YEM Foundation and YEM will continue to eke out a miserable existence.

A truly free and independent currency must be applicable to many different systems. This starts especially with the YEM Foundation, which has not yet taken a single step in this direction. The YF also submits to the Pernum dictate and is therefore not really independent and able to manage and represent a free currency.

Thanks to the creators of YEM, the Unicorn Network and the Safezone, but now it's time for the next big steps to really change something!

This statement is part of the Initiative YEMCONOMY (IYC).
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Don't forget: Security, Privacy......YEM is the ONLY One.
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