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Je dis non, la yem fondation travaille plutôt pour nous.Un peu de persévérance et nous y arriverons.Courage et endurance Les gars !!!!
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À mon avis la , nous devons soutenir la yem fondation . Soyons courageux, !La fin est déjà proche .
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And there it comes a question what went wrong the foundation was promoting and the agenda was nice but we're stack in the way, did the founder gave up and they switched to the other people which are incompetent or.
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Let's hope that the Yem Foundation will become aware of this reality and act accordingly positively for our currency yem
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soo true all are trap thats we all are stuck here after 2 year my all 5 generation deep left only i am stuck here
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The YEM foundation works tirelessly for their own interests

Looking back in 2011, when the unicorn was started, it had very interesting strategy for members but nothing has ever come into reality meaning all that was intended to victims int the trap

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That's not true
Because its a non-profit organisation
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For my Opinion in this world everything must have it's start and an ending we soon reaching to success
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They are working tirelessly for the good of us all
If they are working for themselves then its not
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