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It's a bit difficult for one who has no IT background
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It needs too much time and attention hence to avoid mistakes
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I should say that the verification process is indeed difficult even for an individual who has some knowledge on Information Technology. There are many challenges there in especially for initial users
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It explain very well the task you have do to and the graphic is very easy to follow
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But when you are serious on what you are doing you have to provide origins, legitimate documents like identity cards or passport to prove them seriously.
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It's difficult because it involves many and tricky procedures to perfome
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For a first timer in the verification process it looks hard but with time and experience it is rather seamless. Contact an expert to guide you. You will make it through.

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Identity verification is a very difficult task

Identity verification on the platforms PerNumPass and SafeIdent is a very difficult task even for the most expert people.

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No may be if its internet that distturbs but its very clear and ok. If all requirements are at hand and even in favourable hours then it takes no mìnute.
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Identification is not difficult as such. That's what it should be really. You see, the whole idea is to keep the bad guys out. All you need is to take time and understand the system.
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