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I have won 4 times and received the correct prize every time. You should pay more attention so you don't have to complain about things you are wrong about.
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But you won only you don't got it all but at list you got a 0.2 yem which is not bad, then when your figures changed on your pernum how could you say that they are not serious, when people play for years and they get nothing .
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You just need to know where to look.
1001057999 FYEM 0.020000
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Is lottefree fair and serious, or just jocking?

On the 26th.March 2024 I played lottefree by entering four digits 8158. The winning combination came out as 5158. Now my question is should'nt have got something? How do people win this game surely?

How do you vote?

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Lately there have been malfunctions and technical support is not responding. I also had the same day 1158.
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