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I agree with all the proposals highlighted above because they build up to the userbility of YEM. I only have a querry on what you called dyem the donation yem. Kindly bear in mind that many holders are keeping yem of fellow members pending transfer due to a multitude of reasons including final verification.
Will this also be a donation or a direct transfer to the respective pernum holder ?
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You can do anything you want with YEM. You just need to understand that you don't have to wait for others to do the work for you.
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That's when we will understand the purpose of yem in general but now where you can do nothing with it apart from seeing figure on our pernum wallet.
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The operational structure of pernumpay should be in my opinion from now henceforth have the following features or functions:
1. Trade/Exchange functions
Where yemholders who are interested in buying and selling their yem will be permitted to do so, under the following rules:
A. All transactions must be via fiat and/or crypto wallet of the pernum multi- purpose wallet this is to ensure that there is no double standard during the transactions. In this case buyers pay the exact amount of money for the yem bought before the transaction is approved and executed. Sellers who offer their yem below the value of yem at the time of transaction will be declined. The system should be able to detect that.
2. Payment
A. For online e-commerce
B. For local shop (point of sales).
The following rules should apply to the above.
1. No verification members can offer their goods and services as vendors, their offer should not be more than $125 within a week. i.e $500 worth of deals in a month.
2. Basic members should be allowed to $500 worth of goods and services within a week i.e $2000 worth of deals in a month.
3. Verified business members should have an unlimited business transactions.
3. Donation/ Gift
Yem that are term as donation or gift should be designated to a wallet that should be refered to as Dyem wallet.
Once a donor transfer this yem to the recipient. The yem can not be transferred, sold, converted to Fyem or DRY. It should strickly remain for payment for goods and services in any shop that accept Yem. These rules are to discourage indiscriminate dumping of yem

How do you vote?

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