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Its always prudent to be good for any facts to help teams learn.
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Mantener la tranquilidad nos dara sabiduria para alcanzar las metas
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Waiting until to success,is one of the way to discipline human behavior.
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But empty promises can become a lies so instead of promises you better keep quiet and you show with actions.
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We have already been patient for a while and we are not relenting. Whatever comes let it come our way we shall handle it as it comes. We have been promised a lot promise after promise but not yet fulfilled. But we shall wait.
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Thumbs up Unicorn network Team. Let us stay strong for this matter. God is on our side team.
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Patience pays but it pains. It needs a lot of sacrifice.

All unicorn network members, whoever is not patient enough up to this time just know something is wrong with you my dear. Indeed unicorn have shaped us to such an extent that you remain just there never know something big might happen one day. Thumbs up unicorn family.

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