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While I am supposed to take a photo of my ID or passport, unfortunately only the front camera is activated and you cannot take a photo of your ID with the main camera because the switch between front and main camera does not work.
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And any legitimate concern advocacy must validate their costumes to know who is willing to move on with them and how many still have faith in them, so k y c is applied.
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KYC simplified for you and for me then for all!

But let us agree that Roma was not built in one day. We should appreciate the far we have reached because a lot has been achieved.

Safe-ident being an independent company, definitely has the obligation to look for customers who can buy their products. This definitely includes KYC product to the banks and any other institutions like government, SMEs, schools and any other individuals that could need to do their KYC can always approach safe-ident.

How do you vote?

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