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But 4 YEM, is a very beautiful concept and very creative in nature. This idea would propel the growth of YEM and expansion in communities. You have an article, they offer you YEM and vice versa.
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For these purposes there is
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Why don't we buy/ sell goods, items with yem direct since yem is legit currency? Instead of exchanging good, let us introduce yem in public by buying and selling with power of yem.
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The word sale simply means the exchange of goods, commodities, products, items, services and delivery for money. Yem is money by its standard. Exchange of goods and services and their delivery for yem is therefore legitimate where crypto currency is approved for transactions. This business concept "sales -4Yem" was born out of the patriotism I have for yem. This is how I consider it to operate: Members who do not want to offer their goods and services as bidding and auctioning can to the wazzub platform and notify the public of their intentions. Any member who is interested in the product should indicate by dropping his pernum. The seller should upload the photo of the product to the buyer through the safe transfer platform and the buyer should in turn upload the product to the wazzub platform notifying that he or she received the product upon payment. An escrow should be created until the payment and delivery are executed. One of the benefits of this business concept is that the products bought with yem can be monitized by reselling them for fiat.

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