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est primordial que les compagnons de sensibilisation Shou continuent d'assurer une couverture massive de la vision et de l'objectif de YEM dans la société
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It's paramount that awareness companions Shou continue to ensure mass cover about YEM vision and a objective in society.
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Awareness will be the solution to fast adoption of YEM Foundation project in whatever the case!
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Yes we have the trust that so many projects that are in the pipeline will work. I only pray that a few can start this time to give the whole project validity of execution and also further hope.
The extensive delay of everything is discouraging everyone. Nothing is working is a common statement currently.
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Only now we need to be sensitizing on how to use it now how to get yem , cozy now we are in touch with it, but people need to understand that yem is another form of money like what they know.
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YEM Foundation awarenesses in community!

It's being done but you agree with me that the contribution of YEM Foundation towards these awareness is key to ensure coordination of these gatherings and provide timely updates on these gatherings!

This will definitely improve adoption of the currency at all levels in various aspects of life, education, farming, energy, engineering etc!

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