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Yembet is strictly reserved for the World Cup (men) and the womens World Cup and moreover football only. Please wait for those tournaments.
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We can always participate as YEM holders so that we can make an extra coin onto our wallets.
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It will be an opportunity to make more dans yet it's struggling time to get YEM amid scarcity of money to add YEM on our wallets.
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The very exiting thing is yem bet you enjoy tournament without fear of I will lose, what you worry about is missing some danes not money, so let us go and get funny by supporting our team and wine free yem.
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Yembet Euro 2024 is coming very soom

Hello this year we have chance of yem bet in Euro tournament,because next week we Euro start if chance to win same dans already have we are waiting reminder from Unicorn net work or Yem foundation we need to collect Yem.

How do you vote?

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Yembet cannot give Euro soccer match. They give us world cups for meomen
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Dont wait to win. Take action and recommend businesses for instant YEM Payout (not just FYEM). Watch
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