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What I think is action is louder than wards, so if yem foundation takes one step you will wander when everyone comes to know about it, so let us correct yem in any possible way and we leave the rest to the organization.
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After resolutions in votes i hope that we shall start using yem so that the public to be aware of taking place .
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Teams just got to continue doing what they have been doing. This to ensure that we don't lose focus of both what are doing and what is coming respectively.
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Sure. The gospel of YEM should continue to be preached globally, so that in the end YEM becomes everyone's everyday money.
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Its ok to create more awareness about yem in our communities but let there be atleast one area / gainfull activity which is working to the benefit of yem holders as proof that this project is worth joining. Proof of earning from the investment.
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What do YEM holders expect after the implementation of the decision made in the vote!

Let us open our hands and continue the awareness about YEM in our different communities. This is will continue to strengthen YEM in our communities and different jurisdiction. As this is one of the core mandate of the YEM Foundation.

How do you vote?

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