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Exactly,when you look at the masses Truml is making it's obvious that he is likely to lose the vote because apparently most Americsns get annoyed and may turn their backs against him.
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Joe Biden is the next president of America pro or No?

Allan Lichtman, a professor of history at American University, has been predicting presidential winners since 1984, using a 13-question system he developed. He joined CBSN to explain his methodology and announce his 2020 prediction.

How do you vote?

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Funny, all the polls in 2016 were wrong except for 1, which predicted President Trump winning in 2016... guess what, all the polls are doing the same thing in 2020... only the one poll that guessed it right in 2016 is predicting President Trump to win a second term in 2020.

And did you see the info that is coming out about Joe Biden's family allegedly being involved in corruption, bribery, and other crimes?
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Sorry but this time Allan has it wrong . Biden is not capable of running the country therefore he should not be running at all .
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