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He comes at a time when Ugandans wants change and again the attacks on the kingdom of Buganda these days from the state agencies is a sign for the exit of M7.
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kyagulanyi ssentamu is the next president of uganda 2021 Pro or No?

The pollsters explain that the survey was done before any presidential candidate nominations and respondents were not given a list of names but were instead allowed freedom to name anyone they felt could be their favoured president. The pollsters say this ensured that respondents could choose anyone whom they thought was qualified to be president.

So names like Mugisha Muntu (President Alliance for National Transformation), Gen. Henry Tumukunde (declared presidential aspirant), Rebecca Kadaga (Speaker of Parliament), Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba (President Museveni’s son), and Abed Bwanika (usual candidate) popped up. But the leading pack was of Museveni, Bobi Wine, and Besigye. Basing on this, many people are making predictions about the actual 2021 presidential election.

But can Museveni actually fail to win the 2021 presidential election?

The survey report authors quote Professor of Marketing Vincent-Wayne Mitchell who says; “The point is that a country’s political mood and opinion is in a constant state of flux, and even the general election only captures that flux at one point of time. Opinion polls are, therefore, trying to predict the position of what is essentially a moving target and that is not easy”.
The other question is how a randomly selected sample of 2,321 people can claim to accurately reflect the actions of Uganda’s population of 45 million?

How do you vote?

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