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Uganda is a very rich country naturally endowed with mineral resources and good weather it's just that many of these resources are untapped to get the best out of wat they can provide.
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what do u know about uganda as a country very rich Pro or No?

Also, Ugandans tend to be secretive with much of their wealth placed in the names of immediate family members as a safe bet.
If anything, in a country where per capita income (each Ugandan’s earnings per year) is just $800 (Shs 2.9m), the report shows the concentration of wealth in the few individuals compounding the issue of inequality.
Someone who earns $800 a year needs to save everything they earn for 625 years to reach the level of wealthiest Ugandans. Yet Uganda’s rank comes a distance below neighbors Kenya and Tanzania – both countries have bigger economies.
For instance, Tanzania has 12,254 individuals whose wealth is at least $500,000. Kenya’s total up to 9,600 individuals with that amount.
Still in Kenya, at least 42 people are worth $30m (110bn Uganda shillings) each

How do you vote?

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According startistics it on takes 265 years to get rich like the rich ones it makes us go at slow trend since the rich are far much less than the poor.
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