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I always make my decisions with out asking anybody and if it works for me I rejoice and if it does not go the way I wanted it I just own up to it and bear the outcomes individually without blaming anyone. This has helped me to improve on myself esteem and I think every body should try this out at times in their lives.
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I make my decisions as a safezone member.nobody decides for me. My instict is my decision the bible says we move by faith not by sight.

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Indecision is the root cause of all human suffering. Do you support this statement?

Success requires no explanation. People who succeed make decisions quickly and change them slowly. They avoid being influenced by other people, they use their brain and mind to reach decisions. The world has a habit of making room for the man whose words and actions shows that he knows where he is going. On the other hand, indecision has caused many problems to mankind. Some people first ask their friends, wait for the government to confirm that project, ask their pastors whether God allows such. Hence they miss all available chances of success in life. As a safe zone member, do you make decisions or you first ask your friends?

How do you vote?

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No es asi ya que en todo se requier un tiempo para pensar y analizar para tomar deciciones se necesita consejo, instruccion conocimiento, basado en esto tomas deciciones pueden ser buenas o malas por eso creo que no es la indecisiĆ³n lo malo si no si tomas una buena o mala decisiĆ³n, para mi es bueno pedir consejo al final es uno el que decide
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