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Very true Yem, it is going to be more powerful than Bitcoin in the very near future because Yem is more safe , transparent and more reliable.
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YEM esaawa yonna yakulinnya ku bwegwali gubadde kuba kuba etegekedwa bulungi nnyo era yejja okuba esiinga mu nsi yonna
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Absolutely yes, no other currency that have ever been loved by many people in the universe like rainbow currency.
Its stability, security and job creation, social networking
Because we have got many friends worldwide, makes it the leading one
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Yem Cryptal currency will surpass bitcoin because of its stability compared to the volatile BTC

There is now nolonger any doubt Yem Cryptal currency will soon be announced world Cryptal it fulfills the roles and values of a real currency and listed in the year book of the UNITED AMERICAN CAPITAL cooperation and GESARA.

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