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YEM est soutenu par des métaux précieux c'est une économie stable non manipulé comme les autres crypto qui sont volatils.
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No doubt with that . If u look at Yem currency, it regardless as crypital currency that is stable in terms of price levels. More so , it is supported by the best security in the whole world known as safe zone. In otherwards, no scammer can break through the Yem system. Which isn't the case with other cryptal currencies.
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Because yem is the first currency that increases once and continue no letting down at all when it increases it increase thats why it is the best than others.
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Bwensoma ne netegereza rainbow currency , safezone ne project nga YEM, tewaliwo coin ejja gyenkana mu nsi wonna
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Yem is the best coin worldwide pro or No?

Read all about the Rainbow Currency (YEM) here.
Investing in cryptocurrencies has become one of the preferred assets of high-yield, high-risk investors in recent years. However, the proportion in the respective portfolios is generally rather small due to the high degree of speculation of this investment. Nevertheless, it also happens that these investments are made in investment funds and even pension funds or on a private basis.

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Not at the moment , however it is moving up ladder steadily therefore with no doubt it will supersed all the existing crypto currencies in 100109
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