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Yes it's true, if God bless you with a wonderful wife indeed you become successful because you do things together as the Bible says that when you marry you become one fresh.
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Yes she invited bse when receive some one who is wealthy it looks good in front of pipo and she will keep being invited bse no can be attracted by the wife who is not health
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a good woman is blessing to herhusband .the pronlem we have in todays marriage is that men take good women for granted .may GOD bless all womem
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A good wife who can find her except God, for she's prudent she builds her home with her our hands
She is a channel of blessings and recreation.

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Yes, I believe for someone to have a successful marriage ,it must be a holymatrimony . Because that will be the beginning of blessings of God in the family. Whatever members intend to handle, it's always supported by the spirit of God.
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Le mariage est vraiment sacré donc la définition qui correspond au sigle WIFE est pour moi une réalité absolue pour le bon fonctionnement des couples.
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Ofcourse awife who is healthy every one feels to go and vist his family bse every you find its looking nice and even it brings love btn the wife and husband
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Bwewaba tewaliwo kibatataganyizza nga n'omukisa gubaddewo obufumbo buba bujja kuba bwa ssanyu nankulakulana
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Did you know in a successful marriage WIFE = Wealth invited for ever.

I love the title of the statement its good to have a successful mariage life .The. Bible says he who gets a wife obtains the favor of God proverbs 18:22
So its good for Evey marriage to go through church for it to be successful.

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Célébrer son mariage à l'église n'est pas gage de réussite. La réussite d'un mariage dépend exclusivement de la mise en pratique des instructions de l'autre du mariage par les deux conjoints
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